The Inverted Faces of Rex Whistler

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Rex Whistler was a British artist and illustrator who among other things designed a series of faces that could be inverted to reveal an entirely new face.  In the example below, an officer of some sort is presented on the left wearing a hat with a badge on it, a collar with a series of letters and numbers and a frown.  When inverted (see the image on the right), the hat becomes a man’s mouth open with excitement and the collar becomes a hat with the inverted numbers and letters on it.

Rex Whistler Inverted Faces #1

Sadly, Rex was killed in 1944 while in combat during World War II.  He was only 39 years old.  Two additional examples of Rex’s inverted faces can be found after the jump.

Rex Whistler Inverted Faces #2


Rex Whistler Inverted Faces #3

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