Moving Snakes Motion Illusion

Motion 2 March 2021 0 Comments

Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology at Ritsumeikan University, creates some of the best motion illusions out there. As such, he has been featured on An Optical Illusion on many occasions. One of his newer illusions, Moving Snakes, is presented below.

What do you see? Are the purple, black, green, and yellow snakes slithering in different directions? Notice how three of the snakes seem to be moving to the left while the other three are heading right. If you examine the sequence of the coloring, you’ll see that the position of the colors affect which direction the snakes appear to move.

When the sequence is purple and green on the left and black and yellow on the right, the snake seems to move left. When these color combinations are reverse, the snake seems to move right. If you find studying the colors in this illusion interesting, consider the opportunity to earn your high school diploma online at Northgate Academy.

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