Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Hidden Objects 27 October 2014 1 Comment

Art Directors Anaïs Boileau and Samuel Volk oversaw the production of this recent advertisement for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called Botanimal.  The copy that accompanies the ad (which can be seen in the lower right corner, but is much too small to read here) is as follows:

“Donate to save a tree and save 875 000 species for free.  Rainforests only cover 7% of our planet but harbor more than 50% of the world’s species.”

That’s a lot of species!  How many animals can you find?

WWF Botanimal #1

Continue reading the full post to see five close-up images which will allow you a better opportunity to spot all of the hidden animals.

WWF Botanimal #2

WWF Botanimal #3

WWF Botanimal #4

WWF Botanimal #5

WWF Botanimal #6

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One Response on “Hidden Animals Optical Illusion”

  1. Kapil Kumar says:

    There are more than 10 animals with birds also.
    1. Elephant
    2. Parrot
    3. Wood pecker
    4. Orangutan
    5. Tiger
    6. Panther
    7. Monitor lizard
    8. Sloth
    9. Wild boar
    10. Boa
    11. Monkey
    12. Crocodile
    13. Chimpanzee
    14. Koala with baby

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