Mother Nature in Tears

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Some people say that a photograph is worth a thousand words.  I think that today’s photograph is worth quite more than that.  This photograph was taken by wildlife photographer Michael S. Nolan at the Austfonna ice cap located on Nordaustlandet in Svalbard, Norway.  Despite what you might think, the photograph has not been edited or retouched in any way.  This is exactly how this ice cap looked when Michael snapped the photograph in 2009.  He had the following to say about this image:

When I took the image early in the morning on July 16, 2009 from the bow of the National Geographic Explorer I was struck by the unmistakable likeness of the face of a woman crying. In fact once my mind locked onto the face it was hard to see any other pattern in the ice cap. I was moved to photograph this particular waterfall several different ways with a couple of different lenses. It was one of the best examples of a human likeness I have ever witnessed in nature.

Is this actually Mother Nature crying about things that would concern her, such as climate change… or is this just a photograph that causes our brains to assign human-like attributes to it?

Mother Nature in Tears

To see more examples of things in nature that resemble human faces, be sure to check out Apache Head in the Rocks and Indian in the Mountain.

(via Michael Nolan)

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