Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion

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Charlie Chaplin made his name as a comic actor in silent films During his illustrious career, he directed eleven films including hits such as City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, and The Kid.

In this video, Charlie changes it up a bit and plays the role of an optical illusion. A hollow mask of his face slowly rotates around in a circle. The hollow part of the mask appears to form a convex face that rotates in the opposite direction.

As soon as the features appear on the concave part of the mask, your brain assumes that they are convex and forms the new face with the nose sticking out.

Our minds have been trained to recognize faces since we were children. So when we see the features (eyes, nose, and mouth) on the hollow portion of the mask, our brain assumes that it must be like other faces that we have seen and must therefore be convex.

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  1. Ruben Vatter says:

    nice illusion. Where can I buy such a mask?


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