Sweater Music Video from Willow

Video 15 September 2014 0 Comments

Sweater Music Video from Willow

This music video produced for the song “Sweater”, performed by the Belgian band Willow, is pretty interesting.  The lone guy featured in the video spends the entire time in a white room.  By projecting scenes and animation onto the walls and floor of the room, it appears that he is walking down stairs, walking around […]

Positive and Negative

Ambiguous,Animation,Tessellation 25 August 2014 0 Comments

Positive and Negative

I came across this simple animation this weekend and thought it had a pretty interesting effect.  It features a very basic tessellation pattern composed only of black and white crosses.  The crosses take turns rotating a quarter turn with the black crosses rotating counter-clockwise and the white crosses rotating clockwise.  The overall effect is very […]

Turning Wheel Optical Illusion

Animation 17 March 2014 0 Comments

Spinning Wheel Optical Illusion

Which way is this wheel on this old postcard turning?  Are you sure?  Stare at it for a little while and you might find that the direction the wheel is rotating in will change. If you stare up at a ceiling fan while it is spinning, you can replicate this strange effect. (via foto-jennic.com)

Platforms by Aakash Nihalani

Anamorphosis,Animation 11 March 2014 0 Comments

"Platforms" by Aakash Nihalani

Today’s illusion is called Platforms.  It is an art installation created by Aakash Nihalani using tape on the wall and ground for Parrish Art Museum in Long Island, New York.  This anamorphic creation gives the impression that four square platforms are floating in space.  The man seen in the picture appears to attempting to jump […]

Relative Size Animated Optical Illusion

Animation,Estimation 6 March 2014 0 Comments

Relative Size Animated Optical Illusion

Perspective matters.  The angled lines in the animation presented below give the impression that the floor is sloping downward to the left.  As such, the man standing on the left appears to be much shorter than the man standing on the right.  As the man on the left walks up the incline to stand directly […]

Present & Tree Animated Optical Illusion

Animation 6 January 2014 0 Comments

Present and Tree Animation

This animated GIF optical illusion features an infinite loop of a red present with green ribbon under a Christmas tree.  As such, you could consider it the GIF that keeps on giving.  Watching this animation can be somewhat mesmerizing as it continually zooms out to reveal the exact same scene over and over again.  This […]

Joy to the World by Scott Kim

Ambigrams,Animation 24 October 2013 0 Comments

Joy to the World by Scott Kim

Scott Kim created the original ambigram (he also calls them inversions) that is featured in this animation for a family holiday card in 1985.  To create the angular letters, he cut the letter shapes out of construction paper and then traced them into his computer.  The text reads the same whether it is viewed normally […]