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Peace 3D Stereogram Optical Illusion Video

Stereo,Video 6 September 2023 0 Comments

Peace Stereogram

3D stereograms, made popular in the 1990s, reveal a hidden image upon staring at the pattern. Some people claim that they have never been able to see these, but almost everyone without an eye problem can in fact see them. The trick is to relax your eyes and let the image come to you. Patience […]

Dual Axis Illusion

Ambiguous,Video 4 February 2021 0 Comments

Dual Axis Illusion by Frank Force

The Dual Axis Illusion appears to defy logic. It was created by Frank Force and beat out many great optical illusions to claim first place at the 2019 Best Illusion of the Year Contest. The spinning shape seems to rotate around both a horizontal and vertical axis simultaneously. To add to the confusion, the direction […]

Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion

Ambiguous,Video 4 February 2021 1 Comment

Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion

Charlie Chaplin made his name as a comic actor in silent films During his illustrious career, he directed eleven films including hits such as City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, and The Kid. In this video, Charlie changes it up a bit and plays the role of an optical illusion. A […]

Partial Disappearance Illusion

Anamorphosis,Video 16 January 2018 1 Comment

Partial Disappearance Illusion

This video optical illusion was another finalist for the 2017 Best Illusion of the Year Contest.  It was created by Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University in Japan. Three objects that appear to be identical, are reflected in a mirror.  Oddly enough, different parts of each of the three objects disappear.  For the first object (on […]

Picture Perfect by Leon Keer

Anamorphosis,Video 19 December 2017 0 Comments

Picture Perfect by Leon Keer

Street painter Leon Keer painted this 3D anamorphic work at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.  The painting features an old Polaroid instant camera with a picture coming out of it that says ME representing someone talking a selfie.  It also features an oversized Barbie Doll.  When discussing the meaning of the painting, Keer noted that: […]

TILLA – Beach Optical Illusion

Forced Perspective,Video 17 October 2017 0 Comments

TILLA - Beach Optical Illusion

Joel Ydring, from Sweden, had a little fun with his daughter Tilla on a sunny day at the beach.  Using his mobile phone camera and the space available on the beach, he created this fun video featuring his daughter.  As the little girl runs toward the camera, you begin to realize that it is an […]

Sand Cube

Anamorphosis,Video 29 June 2017 0 Comments

Sand Cube

This huge anamorphic work of sand art was created on the Pléneuf Val André beach in Northern France with the intention of eliciting the curiosity of people on vacation.  It should go without saying that it accomplished its goal. With the help of some advanced calculation and several people with shovels, this “cube” slowly came […]