Baseball Card Collage

Composite 27 May 2014 2 Comments

Baseball Card Collage

Using a 22 by 21 grid of baseball cards, mosaic artist Ken Knowlton created this portrait of his grandson titled Nicholas Jensen (Little League Pitcher).  The final mosaic, created in 2002, measured 32 inches wide by 40 inches tall once completed. The further that you stand back from the image, the more recognizable the young […]

The Color Changing Card Trick

Video 7 October 2013 0 Comments

color changing card trick by richard wiseman

This card trick from Richard Wiseman is probably best introduced with very little information.  Talking too much about it before you watch it might give some hints about what to expect.  After the card trick is performed, the video then goes on to show exactly how it was done.  Were you paying attention? If you […]

Impossible Bottles

Impossible 25 March 2013 0 Comments

Impossibottle 1

An impossible bottle is one that has an object (or objects) inside of it that is physically larger than the neck of the bottle.  The bottles are undamaged with everything inside of the bottle being inserted through the neck.  When viewing an impossible bottle, the only real question that you will find yourself asking is, […]

Depth Perception

Video 31 December 2012 0 Comments

Depth Perception

Today’s video will demonstrate how certain visual cues help your brain to create the perception of depth.  Two playing cards are presented, but the one that appears to be furthest away is actually closer to you than the other.