The Art of Deception

Miscellaneous 7 October 2014 0 Comments

The Art of Deception

Today is the official release date for a new 224-page hardcover volume of optical illusion art titled The Art of Deception:  Illusions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind.  This book, from Brad Honeycutt, features a foreword by John Langdon and an epilogue by Scott Kim.  It is a companion volume to The Art of […]

Scott Kim’s Illusion

Ambigrams 12 May 2014 0 Comments

Scott Kim's Illusion

In the early 1980s, ambigram master and puzzle designer Scott Kim created the following image while performing some font experiments.  He made a font in which black and white spaces were equally wide, and then had fun exploring what he could do with it. More examples of Scott Kim’s ambigrams (which he calls inversions) can […]

Joy to the World by Scott Kim

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Joy to the World by Scott Kim

Scott Kim created the original ambigram (he also calls them inversions) that is featured in this animation for a family holiday card in 1985.  To create the angular letters, he cut the letter shapes out of construction paper and then traced them into his computer.  The text reads the same whether it is viewed normally […]

Shark Attack Ambigram

Ambigrams 31 July 2013 0 Comments

Shark Attack Ambigram

While browsing through Nikita Prokhorov’s recent book Ambigrams Revealed for the third time, one of the featured ambigram designs really stood out to me.  This design by Mark Palmer from Red Chapter Clothing reads exactly the same when rotated 180 degrees.  Palmer notes that, “From start to finish, this Shark Attack ambigram is one of […]

Ambigrams Revealed

Ambigrams 6 May 2013 0 Comments

Ambigrams Revealed Cover

Ambigrams Revealed is a new book from graphic and ambigram designer Nikita Prokhorov.  The book features a series of ambigram case studies that are judged by a panel that includes the author, John Langdon, Scott Kim, and five others.  It also features a 40 page “Ambigram Showcase” toward the back of the book that contains […]

The Art of the Illusion

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The Art of the Illusion

The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind is a new book from Brad Honeycutt and Terry Stickels featuring a foreword by renowned puzzle creator and game designer Scott Kim.  The book contains more than 200 stunningly deceptive optical illusion works of art from artists around the globe.  The cover, […]

The Inversions of Scott Kim

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Inversions Ambigram by Scott Kim

Scott Kim is an American puzzle designer.  His puzzles have appeared in numerous places online, in books, magazines and toys.  He is the author of the books Inversions and NewMedia Puzzle Workout and speaks regularly at conferences.  Inversions, originally published in 1981, features graphic designs from Scott that represent a word or name that can […]