Honda CR-V Optical Illusion Commercial

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Honda CRV Optical Illusion Commercial

This one minute commercial for the Honda CR-V features a number of different optical illusions. The tag line for the commercial is “An Impossible Made Possible”, and the result is a mind-bending and pretty entertaining advertisement. I typically do not like many commercials, but I must admit that this one was well done. Do you […]

The Waterfall by Edgar Mueller

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Tribute to Mount Fuji by Edgar Mueller

Much like his street painting The Crevasse, Edgar Mueller’s The Waterfall features what appears to be a giant hole in the pavement revealing a dramatic scene.  Edgar created this anamorphic work in July 2007 on River Street in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.  This street painting, created for the Prairie Arts festival, was the biggest three-dimensional […]

Life of Pi 3D Chalk Art

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Life of Pi Sidewalk Chalk Art by Tracy Lee Stum

In March, internationally recognized street artist Tracy Lee Stum created the following 3D chalk drawing in Los Angeles, California.  The image was inspired by Life of Pi, a movie directed by Ang Lee that won four Academy Awards (including Best Director).  Tracy’s art recreates a pivotal scene from the movie in which a large whale […]

3D Street Painting by Gregor Wosik

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3D Street Painting by Gregor Wosik

Gregor Wosik is a street painter with exceptional talent.  He was born in Poland but currently resides in Germany where he works as a freelance artist.  His street painting below makes it seem that a waterfall running down the center of a street.  Several other photographs, including one that shows the painting from the opposite […]

Spiderman Street Art by Kurt Wenner

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Spiderman Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner used to work at NASA.  Now he is one of the most recognized 3D street artists in the world.  His anamorphic painting below features Spiderman flying high above the streets and slinging webs that you can actually walk across.  Or at least you can make it appear that you are doing so if […]

3D Chalkfestival Sarasota by Leon Keer

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3D Chalkfestival Sarasota by Leon Keer

Leon Keer and the Streetpainting 3D team completed this anamorphic sidewalk chalk drawing at the 2012 Sarasota Chalk Festival.  The drawing depicts a claw/crane amusement game full of teddy bears and dolls waiting to be grabbed.  In the video, you can see the image take shape.  Even more interesting are the views of the image […]

The Bridge Sidewalk Chalk Illusion

Anamorphosis 11 January 2013 1 Comment

The Bridge - Pavement Art

Like many others, I am a big fan of 3D sidewalk chalk art and enjoy featuring it on the site.  I am not exactly sure who the artist behind this one is, but would love to find out.  If you know the artist, please let us know in the comments.  This artwork really brightens up […]