Jack-o-Lantern Sun Photograph

Natural 10 November 2016 0 Comments

Jack-o-Lantern Sun Photograph

This image was captured on October 8, 2014 by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).  The SDO obverses the sun at all times as it orbits in space and captured this haunting photograph of the sun.  The sun flares at this specific time came together to cause the sun to resemble some sort of face.  And […]

Sun Ball Forced Perspective Photograph

Forced Perspective 20 August 2013 0 Comments

Sun Ball Forced Perspective

Capturing a photograph at the right time and from the right angle can be a magical thing for a photographer.  This type of forced perspective technique often produces very amusing results. Another great forced perspective example is the optical illusion compliments of hurricane Sandy.

Marilyn Sunset

Hidden Objects 16 August 2012 0 Comments

Marilyn Sunset by Gianni Sarcone

Marilyn Monroe was only 36 years old when her life was cut short 50 years ago.  As a tribute to the actress, model and singer, Gianni Sarcone created the following image called ‘Marilyn Sunset’.  Can you find a portrait of Ms. Monroe hiding in the sunset?