Escher’s Nightmare by J.D. Hillberry

Trompe L'oeil 17 May 2012 0 Comments

In 1948, M.C. Escher created a lithograph called “Drawing Hands” which depicted two hands drawing each other into existence.  This surreal work has inspired many artists over the last 64 years.  One such  work is “Escher’s Nightmare” by J.D. Hillberry.  His version, a charcoal and pencil drawing on white paper, has a twist.  Instead of working as a team to draw each other on the paper, one hand  has an eraser and is attempting to destroy the other.

Escher's Nightmare by J.D. Hillberry

To view more of J.D. Hillberry’s realistic charcoal and pencil drawings or learn about drawing classes that he offers, please visit his website.

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