Beyond the Reef by Rob Gonsalves

Ambiguous 31 July 2014 0 Comments

In this new painting from Canadian magic realism painter Rob Gonsalves titled Beyond the Reef, two different worlds morph seamlessly into one another.  On the right side of the painting, a male and female can be seen snorkeling underwater and your viewpoint is from below.  The female can be seen swimming near the surface while the male is diving a bit deeper into the water.  As you move from right to left, however, the scene changes dramatically at one point.  By the time you get to the far left, in fact, you are no longer even underwater.  The viewpoint has changed and you are looking down at a beach – presumably the same beach where the the two on the right are snorkeling.


To order a copy of this print, or any other artwork by Rob Gonsalves, please contact Huckleberry Fine Art.

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