Abseiling the Burj Khalifa by Tracy Lee Stum

Anamorphosis, Forced Perspective 18 June 2015 0 Comments

Tracy Lee Stum created this 3D street painting for the Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival in early March 2015.  Seen below, Tracy can be seen climbing up the the side of a skyscraper.  She better keep a good grip on the side of that building, because it certainly looks like a pretty long drop if she were to let go.

Tracy Lee Stum Climbing Building

Other artists that created 3D street paintings at this event included Kurt Wenner, Gregor Wosik, Anthony Capetto, Leon Keer, Julie Kirk Purcell and many others.  Each one helped to decorate THE BEACH in Dubai with their creative and interactive anamorphic paintings.

(via Tracy Lee Stum)

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