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University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Logo

Hidden Objects 11 February 2016 0 Comments

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Logo

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is a university located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  The school was founded in 1873 and is the second oldest public institution in the state of Arkansas.  It has an enrollment of over 2,500 undergraduates and 100 graduates.  The school’s mascot is the Golden Lion and their logo is […]

Sad Tale by István Orosz

Hidden Objects,Skull 4 September 2015 1 Comment

Sad Tale by Istvan Orosz

I have always been a big fan of István Orosz’s illustrations, and today’s optical illusion is no exception.  If you look at this very detailed illustration that contains two men standing among trees with bags hanging from their shoulders, you may also notice something else.  Do you see it? The hidden image is easier to […]

Can You Find the Navy SEALs?

Hidden Objects 25 May 2015 0 Comments

Can You Find the Navy SEALs?

In honor of Memorial Day today, I thought I would post an optical illusion related to the armed forces.  This poster was released by the Navy SEALs for a promotional campaign.  The bottom of the poster asks “do you have what it takes?”  Unless you have been trained to spot camouflaged troops, you will likely […]

Liu Bolin – American National Flag

Hidden Objects 20 April 2015 0 Comments

Liu Bolin - American National Flag

This is an older photograph, taken in 2007, but I had not seen it before.  Using some red, white, and blue paint, Liu Bolin camouflages himself in front of the stars and stripes.  The official title of this work is Hiding in the City No. 62 – American National Flag. Liu Bolin has painted his […]

Mona Lisa (Water) by Victor Molev

Ambiguous,Hidden Objects 17 November 2014 0 Comments

Mona Lisa (Water) by Victor Molev

Russian born artist Victor Molev is a painter a graphic artist currently living in Ontario, Canada.  He previously worked as both an architect and a theater set painter.  In his painting below, titled Mona Lisa (Water), seven fish jumping out of the water come together to form an image that resembles a portrait of Mona […]

Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Hidden Objects 27 October 2014 0 Comments

Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Art Directors Anaïs Boileau and Samuel Volk oversaw the production of this recent advertisement for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called Botanimal.  The copy that accompanies the ad (which can be seen in the lower right corner, but is much too small to read here) is as follows: “Donate to save a tree and save […]

Find the Sailor’s Cutlass

Hidden Objects 16 October 2014 1 Comment

Find the Sailor's Cutlass

This old collectible card from 1926 was produced by a company called Major Drapkin & Co.  We have previously featured a couple of optical illusion cards from the same company, The Rod Illusion and His Own Size?, but this one is from an entirely different series.  Instead of being a traditional optical illusion, this card […]