Ship Between Buildings Illusion

Trompe L'oeil 2 November 2015 0 Comments

Ship Between Buildings Illusion

I came across this trompe l’oeil building painting while I was searching around for new illusions a couple of weeks ago.  The mural gives the illusion that a very large ship is passing between two skinny buildings right in the middle of town.  It is very well done and you can tell that it took […]

Find the Sailor’s Cutlass

Hidden Objects 16 October 2014 1 Comment

Find the Sailor's Cutlass

This old collectible card from 1926 was produced by a company called Major Drapkin & Co.  We have previously featured a couple of optical illusion cards from the same company, The Rod Illusion and His Own Size?, but this one is from an entirely different series.  Instead of being a traditional optical illusion, this card […]

The Mysterious Island

Upside Down 14 November 2012 2 Comments

The Mysterious Island

A portrait of author Jules Verne can be seen below.  Turning the picture upside down reveals a small ship can be sailing past an opening in the rocks. This topsy-turvy image was created in 1979 by Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz.  Continue reading this post to view an inverted version of this image.

The Upside Downs of Gustave Verbeek

Upside Down 26 June 2012 0 Comments

Fish Story by Gustave Verbeek

From 1903 to 1905, the New York Herald ran a series of original comic strips called The Upside Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo.  This comic strip, created by cartoonist and illustrator Gustave Verbeek, consisted of a total of 6 drawn panels.  After reading the 6 panels right-side-up, the entire comic could […]

The Floating Boat

Shadow 30 April 2012 1 Comment

The Floating Boat

Take a look at this boat that is hovering several feet over the water.  How is this possible? The shadow cast by the boat on the floor of the sea and the angle that the photograph was taken from give us the illusion that this boat is somehow flying or floating.  Photograph taken by Domenico […]