Good / Evil Ambigram

Ambigrams 3 May 2012 0 Comments

Good-Evil Ambigram by Punya Mishra

Two words with opposite meanings coexist in the same space in the following ambigram from Michigan State University professor Punya Mishra.  Do you see both interpretations? This type of image is known as figure-ground ambigram.  The concept of figure-ground refers to the cognitive ability to separate and process an image based on contrast (such as […]

Impossible Elephant

Ambiguous,Impossible 9 March 2012 2 Comments

Impossible Elephant

Psychologist Roger Shepard, a professor at both Harvard and Stanford, published a book called Mind Sights in 1990.  This book has been  described as “…both stimulating to the eye and provocative to the mind.”  It also happens to feature one of the most famous and classic optical illusions of all time.  While most people know […]