Hovering Tree Illusion

Miscellaneous 24 February 2014 0 Comments

hovering tree illusion

Daniel Siering and Mario Shu transformed an ordinary tree in Potsdam, Germany into a deceptive work of art. Once they were finished, it appeared as though a section of the tree had been removed and the top portion was left hovering in mid air.  The video below provides a playful look at the finished product […]

Floating Boxes Optical Illusion

Shadow 23 August 2013 1 Comment

Shadow Boxes

The two illustrations below are nearly identical.  The only difference between these two images is the placement of the square shadows beneath each of the cubes.  In the upper image, the square shadows are placed just below the cubes making them appear to be hovering slightly above the checkered-pattern surface.  In the lower image, two […]

Special Head Levitation on America’s Got Talent

Video 18 July 2013 0 Comments

Special Head Backward Levitation on Americas Got Talent

The street performer known as Special Head returned to America’s Got Talent last night in Las Vegas with a brand new levitation stunt.  This one was a little different than his previous performance, but still involved him appearing to float above the ground.  Instead of levitating by lifting his legs off the ground like he […]

Johan Lorbeer – The Floating Man

Miscellaneous,Video 1 July 2013 1 Comment

Johan Lorbeer the Floating Man

Last month, Special Head’s levitation trick on America’s Got Talent created quite a buzz.  Special Head was certainly not the first person to perform such a trick and he surely won’t be the last.  Performance artist Johan Lorbeer did a slight variation of this stunt by casually leaning against the wall of a building while […]

Levitation Act on America’s Got Talent

Video 6 June 2013 10 Comments

Special Head on Americas Got Talent

On Tuesday’s episode of  NBC’s show America’s Got Talent, a performer named Special Head wowed the audience by levitating in mid air.  During his preparation for the stunt, a bored Howard Stern gave him his sign of disapproval by buzzing him and giving him an ‘X’.  The other three judges held back and let him […]

The Phenomenon of Floating by Rob Gonsalves

Ambiguous 28 January 2013 0 Comments

The Phenomenon of Floating by Rob Gonsalves

I love the work of Rob Gonsalves.  Each of his paintings presents a subtle yet magical transformation.  When the viewer finally realizes what is going on, he (or she) cannot help but be impressed.  His painting below, titled “The Phenomenon of Floating” presents a woman floating on her back and looking at the heavens in […]

Magic Floating Faucet

Miscellaneous,Video 19 October 2012 0 Comments

Magic Floating Faucet

Watch this video of a faucet as it appears to hover in midair.  Where exactly is the water pouring from the faucet originating from?  This product would certainly breathe some life to an otherwise boring garden or backyard.