Strange Looking Kid Optical Illusion

Forced Perspective 20 November 2012 6 Comments

Strange Looking Kid Optical Illusion

Do you notice anything peculiar about the kid in the hat?  Does he look a little too old to be carried through the water? The faces kind of merge together in an ambiguous way from the angle this photograph was taken.  It also looks like it might be time to get some sunscreen on that […]

Indian in the Mountain

Natural 4 October 2012 0 Comments

Indian in the Mountain Optical Illusion

Using Google Earth, a mountain formation resembling the head of an Indian can be found near Alberta, Canada.  The image features a lot of facial detail including an eyebrow, an eye, a nose, lips, a chin and a neck.  Some people have even noted that it looks like the profile might be listening to an […]

Impossible Triangle Sculpture

Impossible 6 September 2012 0 Comments

Impossible Triangle Sculpture

Located in the center of the Belgian village of Ophoven is the following sculpture of an impossible triangle.  The sculpture is made from wood and finished with polyester.  The triangle only appears to be “impossible” when viewing it from a specific angle.  The photograph on the right shows how it looks when viewed from other […]

The Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion

Hidden Objects 29 August 2012 3 Comments

The Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion

A tiger can be seen in the foreground of the image below.  Can you locate the hidden tiger in this painting by American artist Rusty Rust? More of Rusty’s paintings can be viewed on his personal website at Rusty Art.

Bicycle Sculpture Optical Illusion

Anamorphosis 8 August 2012 0 Comments

Bicycle Sculpture Optical Illusion #1

This yellow bicycle sculpture is located in Milan, Italy, a city best known for fashion.  While it does not look particularly special, it happens to be an optical illusion.  Can you figure out what is going on? The two photographs below show how the artist created this sculpture.  From two specific viewing points, it looks […]

Lake View Illusion

Ambiguous 2 August 2012 0 Comments

Lake View Illusion

What do you see here?  A view of a lake with mountains behind it?  Or do you see something else? There is no lake in this picture.  What most people perceive to be a body of water is actually a short wall.  What did you see when you first looked at the picture?

Saint-Georges Theatre

Trompe L'oeil 1 August 2012 0 Comments

Saint-Georges Theatre - After

Do you notice anything remarkable about Saint-Georges Theatre shown below? It appears that the side of the building is covered in windows.  In reality, most of them were painted onto the building by mural painter Dominique Antony.  In fact, all of the upper windows are fake with the exception of the one on the far […]