Hole in the Hand Optical Illusion

Video 20 June 2016 0 Comments

Hole in the Hand Optical Illusion

TutoDraw creates a lot of interesting videos like these on his YouTube channel.  Here, he uses red and black india ink, a pencil, and a white piece of paper to create the illusion of a hole in his hand.  It looks like you can see right through his palm onto the white paper beneath his […]

Einstein in Pencils

Anamorphosis,Composite 11 June 2015 0 Comments

Einstein in Pencils

Have you ever wondered what Einstein might look like if he were made from around 1,000 colored pencils?  Maybe you haven’t, but here is one artist’s interpretation.

Pencil Vs Camera – 73 from Ben Heine

Anamorphosis 12 June 2014 0 Comments

Pencil Vs Camera - 73 from Ben Heine

Is Ben Heine suffering from a multiple personality disorder or is this just an optical illusion?  Here the real illustrator can be seen with an over-sized red pencil facing the anamorphic photographer. The series of photographs below show how the sketch evolved on a giant sheet of white paper.  Ben first drew the outline of […]

Go Fly a Kite by JD Hillberry

Trompe L'oeil 17 April 2013 0 Comments

Go Fly a Kite by JD Hillberry

Using white paper, charcoal, graphite and carbon pencils, JD Hillberry brings a stick figure to life.  He makes it appear as if the stick figure created a kite out of the very paper that he is drawn on. To view more of JD Hillberry’s realistic trompe l’oeil charcoal and pencil drawings or learn about drawing classes […]

3D Pencil Drawing

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Beckoning to the Evil

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki created this 3D pencil drawing which he titled “Beckoning to the Evil”.  By arranging two sketchbooks perpendicular to one another and using an anamorphic drawing technique, he creates the illusion that the hand is actually reaching out from behind the parallel bars.

Crazy Nuts Illusion

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Crazy Nuts Illusion

This video presents two nuts with openings facing in different direction.  A single pencil is then placed through both of the holes simultaneously in a manner that certainly looks to be impossible. The video then goes on to reveal exactly how this illusion is performed.  But even knowing the secret to the construction of these […]

Pencil and Paper Illusion

Miscellaneous 23 April 2012 0 Comments

Retratos III 7 by Cesar Del Valle

Colombian artist Cesar Del Valle draws realistic images using a pencil and paper.  Presented below is his drawing called “Retratos III 7” in which a man struggles to hold up the paper over his head as it appears to be crumpling on him.  It is almost as if he is doing everything in his power […]