Ladder Maker by Flying Mouse

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For some, a T-shirt represents an article of clothing worn as an undergarment.  For others, it is worn as a fashion statement as a medium of self-expression.  For Malaysian T-shirt  designer Chow Hon Lam (aka Flying Mouse), a tee represents a blank canvas on which a story can be told.  He believes that each of his illustrations has something to say and the people are certainly listening.  Chow’s tees have proven to be tremendously popular and have won many prestigious awards.  Nearly 100,000 people have purchased a tee shirt featuring one of Chow’s designs.  Many of his designs have illusion elements to them.  Ladder Maker, presented below, is a perfect example.

Ladder Maker by Flying Mouse

Image courtesy of Flying Mouse (aka Chow Hon Lam).  Please visit his site to view more of his designs.

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