Sand Ladder Drawing from Nico Laan

Anamorphosis 22 May 2014 0 Comments

If you were to climb down this ladder, where do you suppose you would be once you got to the bottom?  Artist Nico Laan drew this anamorphic sand ladder on the beach and then used a camera mounted to a kite to take a photograph of it from the proper angle.  The person standing in the picture helps to give the viewer a better idea of the sheer size of the drawing.

Nico Laan - Sand Drawing #1

Two photographs from alternate angles can be found below that help to show how this large anamorphic ladder was created.

Nico Laan - Sand Drawing #2

Nico Laan - Sand Drawing #3

It would seem that the beach and optical illusions were made for each other.

(via Nico Laan)

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