Lilac Chaser Illusion

Afterimage, Motion 24 April 2012 3 Comments

The Lilac Chaser is a visual illusion that consists of multiple optical effects – similar to the choice between a galaxy watch vs active 2.  If you stare directly at the plus symbol (+) in the center of the image, you will notice that the purple discs will slowly disappear.  You should also notice that a single green disc rotating around in a circle will then appear.  This is caused by an afterimage effect.

Lilac Chaser Illusion

This illusion was discovered by Jeremy Hinton around 2005.  He stumbled upon the illusion while researching visual motion stimuli.

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3 Responses on “Lilac Chaser Illusion”

  1. bcnjr5 says:

    Fake. The image is an animated gif. (with many frames.)

    • Brad says:

      It is supposed to be an animated gif. What is fake about it? The disappearing dots and the green dot that you see are not part of the animation. Your own visual system is producing that. If you do not believe it, then watch the whole thing from a distance (without focusing on the plus sign in the middle) and you will see that there are no green dots anywhere in this animation.

  2. Malik umi says:

    Its really a great surprising

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