Illusory Blue Dots by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Afterimage 13 May 2016 0 Comments

Illusory Blue Dots by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

In this variant of the Hermann grid illusion created by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, illusory blue dots can be seen in the white circles where the squares intersect.  This phenomenon was first reported in 1870 by Germany physiologist Ludimar Hermann.  The blue dots cannot be seen if you look directly at one of the white circles.  […]

Trippy Hallucination Video

Afterimage,Motion,Video 17 April 2014 5 Comments

Trippy Hallucination Video

Upon playing this video, the introduction warns the viewer as follows: Be aware!  This video may cause temporary hallucinogenic effects.  But please do not be afraid, these effects usually last a few seconds. The warning is overly dramatic, but it does produce a pretty amazing effect.  And in case you are worried, rest assured that […]

Vintage Skull Afterimage Illusion

Afterimage,Skull 31 October 2012 0 Comments

Skull Afterimage Illusion

In honor of Halloween, an illusion involving something macabre seems appropriate today.  The following illusion is a skull afterimage illusion.  In order to get this illusion to work, stare at the X in the eye of the skull for thirty seconds.  Then look away from the image at a blank sheet of paper or wall […]

Building Afterimage Illusion

Afterimage,Animation 29 October 2012 1 Comment

Building Afterimage Illusion

Follow the instructions below to see a black and white photo of a building entrance appear in full color.  Then, as the illusion starts to wear off, the colored picture turns back to black and white. If you are looking for additional afterimage illusions like this one, make sure to check out the Jesus illusion […]

Che Guevara Afterimage Illusion

Afterimage 11 July 2012 0 Comments

Che Guevara Afterimage

Stare at the image of Che Guevara below for at least 30 seconds and then look at a blank surface or close your eyes.  If you close your eyes, it can help if you look toward a light source such as a window or a lamp.  What do you see? If you enjoyed this illusion, […]

Lilac Chaser Illusion

Afterimage,Motion 24 April 2012 3 Comments

Lilac Chaser Illusion

The Lilac Chaser is a visual illusion that consists of multiple optical effects – similar to the choice between a galaxy watch vs active 2.  If you stare directly at the plus symbol (+) in the center of the image, you will notice that the purple discs will slowly disappear.  You should also notice that […]

Jesus Optical Illusion

Afterimage 29 March 2012 2 Comments

The Jesus Illusion - Afterimage

The Jesus Optical Illusion is a popular afterimage illusion.  Stare at the dots in the center of this image for approximately 60 seconds.  When the time is up, quickly close your eyes and look at a bright light source (like a lamp).  Alternatively, you can also look at a blank wall.   You should see a […]