Del-Prete’s Garden Fence

Impossible 20 November 2014 0 Comments

This digital recreation of a portion of Sandro Del-Prete’s The Garden Fence (originally painted in 1969) was created by Josh Sommers.  You can find the original version of The Garden Fence, along with several other works from Del-Prete, in our previous post that featured a collection of his impossible paintings.  This particular homage features a very peculiar fence construction that will leave you a little confused if you try to figure out how it was constructed.

Del-Prete's Garden Fence

Speaking about recreating Sandro Del-Prete’s original work in a digital format, Josh Sommers offered the following in response to a comment on his Flickr page:

Everyone inspires everyone else, and it just keeps going, with each new artist bringing something new to the table to make the work uniquely his/her own.

Art imitates art.  It always has and always will.

(via Josh Sommers)

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