Grand Canyon Street Painting by Tracy Lee Stum

Anamorphosis 23 March 2015 0 Comments

Here, streetpainter Tracy Lee Stum can be seen bringing the Grand Canyon directly to the streets of Santa Monica, California.  She was tasked by the Arizona Tourism Board to create this remarkable piece of street art in an effort to get Californians interested in visiting the National Park at some point in the future.  The real Grand Canyon is 277 miles wide and over a mile deep in some spots.  I would think that it would be quite a challenge to recreate such a breathtaking landscape with chalks and paints on a flat surface, but Tracy and her team did a tremendous job with it.  Great work Tracy… you can tell the Arizona Tourism Board that I will be booking my reservations shortly as I have never had the privilege of visiting the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Street Art by Tracy Lee Stum

(via Tracy Lee Stum)

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