This Land by Natalie Fletcher

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Natalie Fletcher has a very interesting job… she paints bodies.  The About Natalie section of her website indicates that:

A young Natalie realized, around the age of 5, that drawing was a lot more interesting than Math class, and so it started.  Around the age of 15 she discovered paint.  Little did she know her future and all of her clothes would be covered in it.

In the example below, Natalie has painted the back of a bald man to match the surrounding scenery with great success.

This Land by Natalie Fletcher

Notice the cell tower by the man’s left shoulder?  This tower would be a good candidate for a disguise to make the tower look like a tree.  This would help it blend in with the scenery and you likely wouldn’t even notice it at all from a distance.

(via Natalie Fletcher)

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