Cream by Tolga Girgin

Anamorphosis 5 October 2015 0 Comments

Cream by Tolga Girgin

I recently came across some exceptional anamorphic 3D lettering works created by Tolga Girgin.  In the example below, which he calls ‘Cream’, the letters of the word are drawn on a flat sheet of paper using a parallelpen & brushpen and a pencil.  It looks as if the letters of the word CREAM are hovering […]

Stella Stereogram

Stereo 30 May 2013 2 Comments

Stella Stereogram by 3Dimka

This stereogram is a little different than others that have been featured on An Optical Illusion in the past.  Previously, the images have mostly contained an image that is hidden in a random and repeating pattern.   This type of stereogram is called an object array.  If you stare at the six bottles in this […]

3D Pencil Drawing

Anamorphosis,Video 15 April 2013 0 Comments

Beckoning to the Evil

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki created this 3D pencil drawing which he titled “Beckoning to the Evil”.  By arranging two sketchbooks perpendicular to one another and using an anamorphic drawing technique, he creates the illusion that the hand is actually reaching out from behind the parallel bars.

Spiderman Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Anamorphosis,Video 13 February 2013 0 Comments

Spiderman Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner used to work at NASA.  Now he is one of the most recognized 3D street artists in the world.  His anamorphic painting below features Spiderman flying high above the streets and slinging webs that you can actually walk across.  Or at least you can make it appear that you are doing so if […]

Lego Terracotta Army by Leon Keer

Anamorphosis,Trompe L'oeil,Video 15 June 2012 1 Comment

3d Street Art Sarasota - Leon Keer

Every year, the Sarasota Chalk Festival  attracts artists from all over the world.  At the 2011 festival, Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik and Peter Westerink created the following anamorphic pavement chalk painting inspired by the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.   Two videos detailing this street painting […]