Stella Stereogram

Stereo 30 May 2013 2 Comments

This stereogram is a little different than others that have been featured on An Optical Illusion in the past.  Previously, the images have mostly contained an image that is hidden in a random and repeating pattern.   This type of stereogram is called an object array.  If you stare at the six bottles in this below they will become three-dimensional and the image will have depth, but no special hidden image will appear.  3Dimka, the artist who created this stereogram, cleverly calls it a Beerogram.

Stella Stereogram by 3Dimka

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2 Responses on “Stella Stereogram”

  1. masodo says:

    When I do this “stereo free-view” style the bottles do appear 3D but it looks as though the labels are floating several inches in front of the bottles.
    Cheers! 😉

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