Butterfly Apple by Vladimir Kush

Ambiguous 16 December 2013 5 Comments

Vladimir Kush’s deceptive paintings typically feature ambiguous scenes that present multiple meanings.  Kush, born and raised in Russia, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts after serving in the Russian military.  His artwork is available through several Kush Fine Art galleries located in Maui, Hawaii, Laguna Beach, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada (two locations).  In his painting presented below, aptly titled Butterfly Apple, a red apple has just been cut in half by the knife resting on the table in the foreground.  The cut apple resembles a butterfly creating an optical illusion.

Butterfly Apple by Vladimir Kush

To view more deceptive paintings from Vladimir Kush and learn more about him, visit his official website at www.vladimirkush.com

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5 Responses on “Butterfly Apple by Vladimir Kush”

  1. anonimo says:

    muchisimas gracias!

  2. Rana says:

    tell me what apple,knife,and the other thing mean!!!!!!!!

  3. June says:

    everything i am not made me everything i am

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