Overflow Parking Mural by Blue Sky

Trompe L'oeil 30 January 2014 0 Comments

In 1978, artist Blue Sky painted a trompe l’oeil mural on the side of the Flint Journal Building in Flint, Michigan.   The mural, aptly titled “Overflow Parking”, measures 60 by 70 feet in size.

Overflow Parking Mural by Blue Sky

The deceptive mural is still there and can be found at 200 E. First Street in Flint, Michigan.  You can even see a good shot of it from the street view on Google Maps here.

After Blue Sky was approached to paint the mural, he notes that:

“I knew it was going to be a car painting. I wanted to convey the beauty of the parking lot: the geometry, the lines, the cars glistening like jewels. If you were from another planet and you were flying over the city, the cars would look like jewels — different colors, sparkling in the sun.”

Regarding the details of the mural, he adds the following:

“The cars are the actual size of real cars. I added little mirrors on the chrome so that when you drive by, the sun hits them and they sparkle. I put disorder into it like skid marks, burnt rubber. There are actual tire tracks on the wall.”

More art from Blue Sky can be found on his website at www.blueskyart.com.

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