The Cover Up by Erik Johansson

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Erik Johansson is an expert at using Adobe Photoshop to take real photographs and turn them into something magical.  The man on the ladder in the photograph below appears to not like the dark and dismal view of the landscape in the background.  So what does he do?  Well… instead of complaining about it, he prints out some banners of a more pleasant scene and hangs them on a wire to completely change the view.  The trick with Erik’s work is that he takes many photographs with the same perspective and lighting and is then able to merge them together such that they look like a seamless scene that could actually exist in real life.

The Cover Up by Erik Johansson

You can view a lot more of Erik’s deceptive photographic work on his website, or have a look at Common Sense Crossing which we posted on An Optical Illusion a couple of years ago.

(via Erik Johansson)

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