The Dress Optical Illusion – What Color is it?

Color 28 February 2015 1 Comment

Every now and then, some optical phenomena comes along and creates a buzz.  The current one going around the Internet is being called “What Color is this Dress?” (also known more simply as the optical illusion dress), and it is a pretty good one.  Have a quick look at the picture of the dress below… what two colors do you see on this dress?

What Color is This Dress

Some people see a white and gold dress while others are seeing a blue and black dress.  Me personally, I kind of see a light blue and gold dress, so maybe I’m in a third camp here.  Whatever color this dress is, it has caused quite a stir.  I would be curious to see what colors people are seeing here, so please drop a quick comment and let me know what two colors you are seeing.

Our brains make a lot of assumptions when trying to process the color of an object.  In order to explain what is going on here, it might be helpful to look back at the color saturation illusion and the checker shadow illusion video.

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One Response on “The Dress Optical Illusion – What Color is it?”

  1. Brad says:

    Light blue / gold

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