Allusions by Tom French

Skull 13 July 2015 0 Comments

This limited edition screen print created by Tom French uses a mixed media technique to create a very dark image resembling a skull.  On his website, Tom French and his particular style of painting are described as follows:

Through his work, French focuses on the reflection of the conscious and unconscious mind. His oil paintings are a skillful combination of academic realism and surrealism, enveloped in carefree, loose and ostensibly unfinished abstract forms.  This unique fusion of figurative realism and lively abstraction treads the fine line between the beautiful and the unsettling, allowing layers of narrative to filter through whilst bringing life and movement to his compositions.

What is the first thing that you see when you view this screen print?

Allusions by Tom French

The following two close-up photographs help show the detail contained on the screen print.

Allusions by Tom French - Detail

Allusions by Tom French - Detail 2

(via Tom French)

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