Anamorphic Skull

Anamorphosis, Skull 23 March 2017 0 Comments

Truly Design drew this entire anamorphic composition by hand, which means that they did not use any projectors to help with getting the distortion correct.  It was painted in 2013 at the 39C Graffiti Jam in Bolzano, Italy.  When viewed from the proper angle (see image below), an image of an orange skull can be seen.

The next two pictures show how the painting looks when viewed from different angles.  Seen from the front, you can see that the skull is comprised of three animals representing Dante’s “three beasts”.  Each of these animals represents one of humanity’s three main sins.  The wolf represents greed, the lion represents pride, and the lynx stands for lust.  It is said that these sins would lead man to perdition, hence death, making the skull symbolism fit very well with the overall illusion.

(via Truly Design)

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