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Ambiguous 21 April 2017 0 Comments

This conceptual illustration from Tang Yau Hoong was created for Economia, a magazine that covers essential issues, news and analysis relevant to the topics of business, finance and accountancy.  While the topic of the magazine may sound a bit dry, at least they hired Tang to spice things up a bit with this ambiguous illustration.  It’s actually a fresh take on Shigeo Fukuda’s leg illusion, which was a silkscreen print created in 1975.

Notice how the red arms at the top of the poster are handing bundles of cash to the red arms just below them.  At the same time, the space between the second row of red arms (the negative space) forms a row of black arms that are handing bundles of cash to the black arms just below them.

(via Tang Yau Hoong)

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