Survivor Ghost Island

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Maybe I’m dating myself, but I remember being obsessed with the first and original season of the realty TV show Survivor.  I followed it pretty closely for a few more seasons before losing interest in the franchise.  In my opinion, it just got really repetitive.  My interest was piqued again when I saw a recent commercial for the new season that featured an illustration with a hidden skull.  Survivor: Ghost Island is set to premiere on February 28, 2018 and will be the 36th season of the Survivor franchise!  This is the fifth time that the show will film on the island of Fiji and I’m sure CBS (and host Jeff Probst) is hoping that the ratings will be strong enough to warrant a 37th season.

Here is a screenshot of the skull logo from a recent television commercial:

People must sill be watching this show, as it is in its 36th season.  Is anyone actually looking forward to Ghost Island?

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Partial Disappearance Illusion

Anamorphosis, Video 16 January 2018 1 Comment

This video optical illusion was another finalist for the 2017 Best Illusion of the Year Contest.  It was created by Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University in Japan.

Three objects that appear to be identical, are reflected in a mirror.  Oddly enough, different parts of each of the three objects disappear.  For the first object (on the far left), the rooster at the bottom disappears in the reflection.   For the middle object, the entire upper half of the structure disappears, and for the third object (located on the far right), the entire lower half disappears.   When the objects are rotated and the backs are shown, it is revealed that each object is built differently.  From one fixed angle they all look the same, but this is not the case at all.

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Write on Your Own or Buy Custom Essay?

Miscellaneous 1 January 2018 Comments Off on Write on Your Own or Buy Custom Essay?

Writing essays is an integral part of your development as a student. They’re designed to increase your understanding and improve your writing skills.

There comes a problem when you have a huge backlog of essays to complete within a specified duration. To avoid burnout, stress or health risks that may come with stretching yourself past your capabilities, you may want to buy custom essay online.

When you make a custom essay order, you can be sure that you will have your college papers completed on time, so you will typically reduce the burdening weight on your shoulders. But is it worth it? You may wonder.

When to Buy Custom Essay

If you’re thinking of buying custom essay, there is a ton of essay writing websites you can make your orders quickly. Most platforms offer high-quality essays that are tailored to your needs and requirements. If you’re unsure whether you should write your essay or buy custom essay online, here are four instances or reasons when making custom essay order may be necessary.

I.  If you’re stuck with Some Essay Writing Challenges

Essay writing isn’t easy, and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that an upwards of 70 percent of students point out to schoolwork as a primary contributor to their stress. From the deadlines to difficulty organizing your work and being pressed by examinations, the assignments can freak you out.

You do not have to lose your head because of essay writing, though. Ideally, if you’re stuck with some essay writing challenges, a professional writer service could just be what you need.

They will not just help you get quality content but also save you your precious time. This implies that you will have your high-quality essays completed and still have a lot of time left for other essential activities.

II.  If you Feel Nervous when it Comes to Writing your Academic Essays

We all want good things in life. Here’s the twist; nothing comes easy, and again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that quite many students struggle with essay phobia.

Just as it sounds, essay phobia is the fear of writing your essays. It shouldn’t even be looked at as some kind of excuse for laziness among students.

It is typically fear of planning for writing essays and can be detrimental to the normal development or career of even the most brilliant undergraduates. Now, if you feel some form of fear towards writing your essays, just know that you aren’t alone.

If you constantly feel nervous when writing your essays, getting expert writers specializing in writing high-quality college papers is something you may want to consider. You will be able to have your essays completed on time to avoid affecting your academic life or career.

III.  If you wish to Gain New Knowledge and Skills from Seasoned Writers

Gaining new knowledge and skills in essay writing will help you remain relevant. It may also open for you doors you probably didn’t even think about.

Working with seasoned academic essay writers could just be what you need to develop your skills and make learning easier for you. When you get your essays written in perfect English and formatted correctly, you also gain some important knowledge on how to write different types of papers and, most importantly, complete them faster and efficiently.

IV.  When you have Urgent and Demanding Personal Matters, you have to attend to

There are emergencies we cannot avoid, especially when they come when you least expect. As a student, such emergencies may be detrimental to your mental health when not handled with care.

Now, if you have urgent personal matters and essays with very tight deadlines, checking essay writing websites for expert essay writers is a good idea you may want to consider. This is important because writing an exemplary essay demands dedication and takes time.

By outsourcing the work, you will be able to create enough more time for you to attend to pressing personal matters. As a side note, top online essay writing services are available 24/7 in most cases.

Therefore, you can also rest assured of making your custom essay orders at any time and finding a ready expert to work on it before the deadline. A good essay writing service will also have reliable customer support, which you can connect with at any time to add clarification on your papers and get updates on the progress of your assignments.

Buying Custom Essay Now

Do you wish to buy custom essays, but you’re unsure where to get the best writers for college essays? Do not panic. Here are three things to look for when hiring top essay writers for your assignments;

  • User Experience: The website you’re making your orders should be easy to navigate. It should also have the latest web security needs implemented.
  • Reputation: It would help if you find an essay writing service with a good reputation. Don’t just place your orders on any website you come across.
  • Confidentiality: The firm must guarantee maximum confidentiality for every assignment they help you with.

In Closing

Writing your essays is fine, but buying custom essays is a wise idea if personal issues make it difficult to concentrate or complete your assignments on time. Do not wait until it’s too late. Get quality writers today for your college assignments for timely and high-quality assignments.

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Picture Perfect by Leon Keer

Anamorphosis, Video 19 December 2017 No Comments Yet - Share Your Thoughts

Street painter Leon Keer painted this 3D anamorphic work at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.  The painting features an old Polaroid instant camera with a picture coming out of it that says ME representing someone talking a selfie.  It also features an oversized Barbie Doll.  When discussing the meaning of the painting, Keer noted that:

The forced selfies will consume the unique identity you have and blur upon the existence of the person you are.  Humanity and kindness does not arise from selfishness.

Watch the video located below the picture for some additional angles which show exactly how this installation came together.

(via Street Painting 3D)

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A CHEAP Ambigram

Ambigrams 22 November 2017 2 Comments

Here is a ambigram with a simple and clean design.  It was featured in Ambigram Showcase section of the book Ambigrams Revealed by Nikita Prokhorov published by New Riders in 2013.  It clearly spells out the word CHEAP and is designed in such a way that it could be rotated 180 degrees and still spell the word CHEAP.  My favorite part about this particular ambigram is the way that the H and the E come together to form a well-defined lower case A when rotated.

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Hallway Optical Illusion

Miscellaneous 14 November 2017 No Comments Yet - Share Your Thoughts

How would you like to walk down this hallway?  It is made entirely out of tiles and while it looks like it is sinking on the right side, it is a perfectly flat surface.   This bizarre hallway can be found at the Casa Ceramica (a tile company, of course) showroom in Manchester, England.  It took a total of 400 porcelain tiles to complete this warped checkerboard design that doubles as the showroom entrance.


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Walking on Air

Trompe L'oeil 9 November 2017 2 Comments

In an effort to get drivers to slow down at an intersection, the city of Ísafjörður, Iceland, decided to use a trompe l’oeil painting to potentially fool drivers behind the wheel.  The painting of a pedestrian crossing area was designed so that it appears to be floating a few inches over the pavement.  The “trick” only works when viewed from this angle, but I wonder how many drivers have pumped their brakes as they approach this unique intersection?

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