The Maine Lottery Topsy-Turvy Illusion

Upside Down 20 March 2013 0 Comments

Maine recently announced that they were going to start selling instant scratch-off lottery tickets called “Kwikies”.  After sending a note to 1,300 retailers announcing this, complaints started flooding in about the name being inappropriate.  It now seems that the tickets will be called something else.  Interestingly enough, Maine used a topsy-turvy optical illusion to help advertise the launch of these new tickets.  The caption reads, “Change your life.  In an instant.”  Rotating the card 180 degrees turns a bald grumpy man with a beard into a younger man with a full head of a hair and a smile on his face.

Maine Lottery Optical Illusion

To view more topsy-turvy faces like this one, be sure to revisit The Inverted Faces of Rex Whistler and Reversible Face (which was used in an advertisement for a different type of product).

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