Vanishing Train Optical Illusion

Video 22 April 2013 1 Comment

A model train going around a track enters a small tunnel and something odd happens.  The train does not emerge from the other side like your mind would tell you that it should.  In fact, the entire train seems to disappear into the tunnel even though the train is significantly longer than the tunnel itself.  Al Seckel, the creator of this video, indicates that there are no digital manipulations or computer tricks used in creating this video.  Can anyone figure out how this works?

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One Response on “Vanishing Train Optical Illusion”

  1. masodo says:

    I have a pretty good idea as to how I would go about building that layout. 😀

    Very clever – I bet it is fun to watch folks who see this for the first time as their jaws drop to the floor.

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