Digital Op Art by Charline Lancel

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Belgian artist Charline Lancel creates digital op art pieces and prints them on large aluminum panels using a printing process called ChromaLuxe.  While she has been told that her work resembles that of Victor Vasarely, she was not aware of his work when she first started creating digital op art in 2007.  The following spherical composition is titled “Compo34 Fushia”.

Compo34 Fushia by Charline Lancel

With respect to creating her art, Charline says the following:

I take pictures from everyday life with a simple Sony CyberShot camera.  This makes my basic image matrical and not vectorial. I then process and transform these pictures through Photoshop, working on a MacBook Pro.

Another spherical composition, titled “Planet Mystery” can be seen below.

Planet Mystery by Charline Lancel

To see more digital op art created by Charline Lancel, visit her website at

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