Tron Optical Illusion

Anamorphosis, Video 16 June 2014 0 Comments

It took Brusspup about 10 hours to create this anamorphic optical illusion paying homage to the 1982 movie Tron.  He describes the process of taping the Christmas lights to the wall as “painstaking” as they kept falling off.  Thankfully, he was patient enough to see it through to completion.  When discussing the illusion, he offers the following:

I had a lot of fun creating this illusion.  Ok, not really.  First of all, I spent 1 week searching for the right type of lights.  Every place was sold out.  I just about gave up on looking but decided to try one more mom and pop store.  Sure enough they had the lights I was looking for.

For another great illusion from Brusspup, be sure to revisit the Swimming Pool Illusion.

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